Crazy American Fundamentalist Christian

It must be hard to be a Pastor in the good old US of A sometimes.

Grace, understanding,journeying with people.

Interesting to see the journalist do very little to hide his disgust

3 thoughts on “Crazy American Fundamentalist Christian”

  1. sean hannity makes a living by showing his disgust.
    He is one of Bush’s most vocal advocates, and regularly gets people on his program to try and humiliate them, it’s what he is paid to do.

    You would have to be a very capable person to take him on, on his own show, because he can simply cut to a commercial if he feels uncomfortable.

    You should watch ‘Outfoxed’ it brings up Sean Hannity a few times and the role he plays for Rupert Murdoch’s pro-bush agenda. Great doco.

  2. Didn’t finish the interview, but I don’t think God was at that protest (maybe at the funeral, but not the protest)

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