Hillsong Conference2007

I might get featured on Signposts again (how exciting) but I can’t wait for Hillsong Conference 2007.

Here is a list of the artists and speakers coming so far.

Can’t wait to see Chris Tomlin live, and hear Ed Young Jnr.

2 thoughts on “Hillsong Conference2007”

  1. Hi Mark,

    I find it to be a little disconcerting, that Non Trinitarian TD Jakes is headlining The Hillsong Conference in 2007:


    TD Jakes was also hosted by Phil Pringle/CCC Oxford Falls recently.

    The issue surrounding TD Jakes unorthodox views on Trinity are well documented on the web (you can just google “TD Jakes” + “Trinity”).

    The most credible sources however, are ‘Christianity Today’ magazine and Christian Research Institute (refer attached link).


    You would no doubt be aware that this issue was so important and divisive that it was sealed as a core Christian belief at the First Ecumenical Council in Nicea (as per the Nicene Creed we would often recite as part of Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican etc Liturgy).

    Mark, what are your thoughts:

    Is healthy for the Contemporary Church to depart from core Christian beliefs?


  2. I am not here to defend TD Jakes, he can do that himself,
    I have read some of the stuff on the web.
    Maybe I need to read it again, but that CT article seemed to depict a pretty orthodox view of the Trinity to me.
    Here is his churches doctrinal statement, looks pretty orthodox.

    In answer to your question, A Christian church is not a church if it departs from core Christian beliefs, of which God’s oneness in essence is one.
    I fully hold to orthodox Christian beliefs, and have yet to be convinced TD Jakes does not.
    I will let you know what he says at Hillsong.

    BTW, wasn’t the final in Perth last year featuring the Dockers and Melbourne Demons a beauty!!

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