Hasleby, the forgotten match winner

The West Australian, bastion of fine journalism (!), has two articles on Paul Hasleby, the forgotten midfielder.
He started his career in the best possible way, winning the Rising Star award.
However last year was probably his most dissapointing, suffering from groin injuries.
Seeing the pain, both physical and emotional, following the finals loss to the crows told the story.

My prediction is that this year he will make the difference. He is one of the best midfielders, and if it were not for inuries, who knows how Freo would have done last year.
My prediction, winner of the Doig Medal this year.

One thought on “Hasleby, the forgotten match winner”

  1. hase has suffered a lot from injuries over his career but when he is injury free he is pure inspiration. he’s a good old fashioned footballer and i agree with you.. given a decent run this year will reestablish himself as one of the premier onballers in the afl. i, for one, can’t wait to see it. he seems like a pretty decent bloke compared to the prima donnas of wet toast.. cousins.. hmff.. kerr.. hmff. both good players but i wouldn’t give u a quid to be mates with the pair of them

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