The West Australian journalists. What a joke.

I buy the “West” most days, including Saturday.
However following this weeks events, I am seriously rethinking this.

This week the West ran a story on its front page, with a large photo of a woman lying across some seats in a hospital.
They reported she was a grandmother, awaiting surgery, and that the hospital had forgotten her, and that there was no bed for her to lie on.

Turns out, the lying was being done by the West.
The lady wrote a letter, and went on 7 and 9 news the same day.
She was only 47, not a grandma, and has come to hospital of her own accord, because of exma.
The West made a huge story out of basic mistruths. Furthermore they did not ask her permission to take the photo, and have not revealed how or by whom the photo was taken.
Did they publish a retraction? NO
Did they acknowledge their mistake? NO
Did they instead keep pushing their agenda with some desperate attempt to protect their credibility? YES

Most worring for the West is that many of my friends are talking about this at ‘water cooler’ time, knowing the facts, and being very negative about the West.

Surely our booming town can support a competitive daily paper, and thus provide us with a local alternative?

2 thoughts on “The West Australian journalists. What a joke.”

  1. between the sunday slime and the worst australian there is very little in perth to force a good standard of journalism. no wonder the channel 7 news and ‘today tonight’ have always done so well.

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