Pav and Taz

This is really interesting, Pav and Taz were talking and discussing what defender they normally got. It appears they used to get the same one, the best one.

Good luck, this year, if Pav does not get you, Taz will, and then of course you are going to have to deal with the underated Ryan Murphy, Sandilands, who Mike Sheehan has rated as the 14th best player in the AFL, and in round 7, a revitalised Jeff Farmer.


FREMANTLE captain Matthew Pavlich and its Collingwood recruit Chris Tarrant could be causing double trouble for opposition defenders this season.
Pavlich said a discussion with Tarrant revealed one common thing – they had usually always been picked up by the same defender.

“We were talking about it the other day and going through the teams and we generally get the same opponents,” he said.

“So it will be interesting to see how it works out and where we position ourselves on the ground.
“It is good to have Chris there, an All-Australian player with immense talent and a fantastic work ethic. I think that’s another thing people have been misleading about because the work ethic we have seen has been fantastic.”

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