Good to be back

After a week sick, it was great to be back at Church
Really enjoyed the service this morning, couple of people who visited last week, back again. Some refugees from Zimbwawe. What is really heartening is that three different lots of people from Church have already visited them and donated clothes and furniture, in one case a brand new couch.
These folk are settling in well, with the dad securing work. But the government has not helped them financially at all.
Thank God for church folk who have gathered around and helped not just in welcoming them, but real practical help.

They have 3 children who seem to have settled in well to KFC as well, which is encouraging.

4 thoughts on “Good to be back”

  1. And it’s good to hear that you’re back on deck Mark.

    What an awesome gesture from your church for these new folk. Top stuff.

  2. Yeh right. Are you sure you don’t get the kids in by giving them KFC and wallaping them with the word and send them away fat and saved? Hmmmm sounds like another blog I’m reading at the moment.

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