Our best Easter ever

This past weekend has been without doubt the best Easter our church has had while I have been there.
After the great crowd on Friday, I was half expecting a less full crowd, but it was great today. Now don’t get me wrong all you emerging guys, I don’t think its about getting a big crowd in anymore than you do.
But what I do want to say is this. The majority of the visitors we had, and there were stacks, came because of relationships formed over many years, through ministries our church had done.
It has been hard work, but like Christmas time, Easter has been a time of fruit for our church. Some folk who never come to church came on Friday with no intention of coming on Sunday, but came none the less. You might think, so what, they came to church. But in fact we believe that they are putting themself into the position of hearing the gospel being clearly presented and also seeing that Christians love each other and others.
Another great story was the lady who came after one of our members sms’ered this morning. She rocked up and loved the service.
Why wouldn’t she?
The choir was beautiful and moving, the music was great and well led, the multi media, the kids item, and everything was really purposeful, emotive and relevant.
We are just so grateful as to how God has changed our church and is growing it.

After church on Friday, people hanged around for ages, chatting, making friends and eating hot cross buns. Sunday was the same, only we ate chocolate cakes!.

This is what it is all about.

I did something really different for the message, I got a friend to ‘interview’ me as though he was an athiest, and he asked some pretty confronting questions. I used some of the material from the Rick Warren and Sam Harris interview. Harris is an athiest and author. I also used a J Johns interview which you can watch on U Tube. I think it was really good, and answered some questions. One of the key points I tried to get across is that all religions are not the same, you can’t pick and choose because they are fundamentally different.
I also made the point that Jesus’ assertion that He is the Way the Truth and the Life forces us to make a decision about Him. Either He is a liar, lunatic or Lord. If we dont make a decison about Jesus, one might be made for us!!

Soon you will be able to listen to the interview on line.

4 thoughts on “Our best Easter ever”

  1. Great news about the extra people attending. Hopefully they will continue on.

    I heard on the news that most churches reported increased numbers. That is a real postive!

  2. I’ve heard the “Lord, Liar or Lunatic” thing from many people and agree with it. But the problem I’ve been facing is that people say, “That’s okay for you, but not for me.”
    Sure, they are in denial, but when the three options are discounted it makes it difficult to go somewhere from there.

  3. Anonymous – I don’t think Gareth was being critical……..I think the lord, liar, lunatic line is usually used in response to people who say “I think Jesus was a good man, or a good teacher, like any number of people before or after him.” In that context it makes a lot of sense.
    Broady (Can’t seem to register an identity?)

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