Well that sucks

0 wins from 2 games.
Umpiring was the worst I have seen for some time, numerous crowd frees to Essendon, how Pavlich did not get at least two more with Fletcher all over him like a cheap suit.

And having these players out from our 9 game winning stretch last year did not help.
Wizz, Michael Johnson, Steven Dodd, Heath Black, Justin Longmuir, Cookie, Schammer and Brett Peake.

Derby next week, might be our worst start to the year under Chris Connolly.

6 thoughts on “Well that sucks”

  1. well premierships are won in september.. not march/april. we’ll be 1-2 after the derby this week and in the 8 when it counts

  2. Peake was definately out there yesterday, but not “playing” if you know what I mean! I noticed he has got rid of the golden boots and was wearing normal black – maybe just trying to focus on the basics. Also, finally glad a commentator made mention of Dessies penchant for looking great on the burst but never picking up a man – you see it all the time at subi – it’s the little things that matter……. On the upside Taz and Pav looked sensational, as did Sandie (but that in itself is a little depressing – for those three to totally dominate and us still lose…)

  3. Hmmmm i’ve been away all weekend – and am yet to sit down and watch my taped copy of the game.

    but my brother’s SMS updates showed the Bombers ahead at every break – and others talking have said the bombers have a lot of pace, especially through the midfield.

    warms my heart 🙂

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