Being slack and being missional

I had a really interesting conversation with a good mate over a sloppy greasy hamburger at Hungry Jacks. (Actually I had the hamburger, he had a relatively healthy chicken salad roll or something)

We were talking about the EC and he made this comment, “you know there are slack inward looking people and leaders in all forms of church, whether they are EC, or other forms”
His point was we should not criticise the movents or forms of church, so much as challenge everyone to mission, no matter how they do it.

I thought that was a great point.

However all I would say is this, if you are leaving the less radical forms of church in order to be missional, because you have had enough of churches who just grow through transfer growth, then make sure you are being missional, and measure that in some way, so you know you are not just talking about it.

The same could be said to me and others in my position. If you are going to try and facilitate a church being transformed and ‘renovated’, then make sure mission stays your focus, and when you actually start to have an attractive church, don’t be happy with just attracting other Christians.

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