We Remember

It was a really good service this morning, well led.

Q interviewed two senior ladies as we remembered Anzac Day. These two had remarkable stories.

M was sent off to Canada as a 12 year old from the Uk in 1940. She remembered bomb shelters and being scared when the siren sounded. She married H who was a Lancaster Bomber pilot. He has gone to be with the Lord, but she told how he used to have to fly in the dark night over the English Channel and bomb U-Boats.

B was married for only a short time, had a young baby and her husband was sent off to New Guinea and other placed for 5 years! She had to go to the farm to help her father out.

Both of these ladies have been at Bedford for over 3o years and are very supportive of the ministry. What an example they are.

This week I will put the ten minute interview online, and you can listen to it.

We also spent some time in prayer for the families of those lost in that terrible shooting in the US.

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