Here is my new toy, an upgrade from my old O2.
Thanks to a generous friend…..
Bought myself a 1gig memory card, and now 6 or 7 albums on it.
Have synced it up to my computer, beautiful little compact and powerful phone.
Fm Radio, wireless network capability etc etc…. sweet!

5 thoughts on “O2”

  1. Hey Mark do you use it as your diary aswell? What plan are you on? I’m looking at going PDA/phone combo if I can get thru the maze that is Telco plans?

  2. Absolutely… I sync it up with outlook on my pc and that syncs all my appointments, all my contacts, all my music, whatever you want it to sync, it will.
    This means I never lose an appointment or contact, even if my pc crashes or my phone does.

    Telstra are terrible, in my view. way overpriced,and terribkle terrile service. I have found aapt to be excellent for both internet, home phone and mobile…. but you need to find what is good for you.
    When I ring aapt to get tech support, they are courteous, quick to answer, and have solved problems for me that were not their responsibility. Telstra tech service is shocking, and one of the key reasons, apart from their incredible additional costs for services, that I left them.

  3. was playing with one of those about a week ago – nice new unit. i think one of the RACQ managers ended up with it. but hey i got to ‘test’ it for a few days 😛

  4. heading towards something like that mr edwards…

    don’t think they have gprs coverage in the middle of the african desert though…

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