Spiritual Warfare

Here’s something I shared with a class I am lecturing too…..

Spiritual warfare
War is never tidy, and it is rarely fair, there is no Geneva Convention, it is a battle. The war was won, but the fighting goes on. Col 2.15…He has publicly disarmed them… The gates of hell will not win, Jesus, the King of the Church will…
But Hells powers are irrational, they are hate filled, they have not accepted they have lost, and like some Japanese soldier sitting on an island in the pacific well after the 2nd world war has finished, they still fight, and they are vicious, and we live in a sinful world, where Christ has not yet appropriated His victory.
When the Spirit comes upon us in power, Demons may flee, but they may also buck up and protest, and the heat of the spiritual battle may increase.

Eph 6, 2 Cor 10.4
From time to time, God’s Holy Spirit breaks forth and there is revival, and God mops us some resistance, but at other times, it seems the Devil is winning.

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