Its a beautiful day ….. Mind Dump

1. Freo, great win last night, Pav and Tarrant are working really well together. Hasleby is back to his best, Sandilands keeps getting more dominant, Bell is playing as good as he ever did when with the Roos. Great to see Peake back…. my favourite player.
2. I expect Johnson to get done by the tribunal, because thats what they do, make examples of Freo players, even if he was looking at the ball, and the Saints player was pushed onto his arm

3. West Coast are playing like front runners at the moment, and they really miss Kerr.
4. Judd should get done for eye gouging, but probably wont, see point 2
5. Its a great weekend when Freo win and the Weagles lose….(ha ha ha!!)

(Ps I tipped the Hawks to win!!)

3 thoughts on “Its a beautiful day ….. Mind Dump”

  1. yep, a good win although not as convincing as one would have thought it would be at quarter time. obviously i didn’t get to see the game (afl’s not big in poland) but i did listen to it over the net at work.

  2. The Saints came back hard, and Freo did well to repel them
    People are all talking about the Saints injuries, fair enough, but forget we have 9 players out at the moment as well!!

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