stinking computers

Lesson for the inexperienced…. (namely me!)
Always have a back up.
This morning at church for some inexplicapable reason our main presentation computer started operating at close to 100% cpu capacity. This meant our presentation software would not work effectively.
I had to grab my laptop from the office and type in lyrics for the songs, on the fly……

Need to make sure that from now on we have a secondary computer with the service schedhule all ready to go.

And I need to find out why on earth my main computer is being a pain in the…. butt.

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  1. is it a Dell??

    Dells or PCs that use the same mainboards as Dells have a issue i’ve seen a lot of. The capacitors on the mainboard near the power supply swell up and eventually start leaking acid… as the capacitors swell this causes the PC to run at 100% all the time and the CPU fan will start being noisy cause it’s running so fast.

    So it may be a hardware issue not just a software issue.

    other than that – check the Task Manager… look at the processes and sort by memory use and CPU time. there may be an app that’s hogging all the resources!


  2. Mark it’s 2007, just save it all on a thumb drive then you can use whichever computer happens to be working that day!

  3. Karyn, thanks for the update πŸ™‚

    Unfortunately the presentation software we use does not allow that,
    what it does is link to text files, video files on your hard drive, and the problem on Sunday is that the hard drive was more like a ‘soft serve’ drive πŸ™‚

  4. we had some trouble with pcs doing the same thing. turned out that the windows automatic update was going bananas and killing the whole system for extended periods of time. turn it off and you might see a big difference. you’ll then have to remember to manually update once a week or so.

  5. yep – and u’d find that windows update thing when u check the task manager πŸ˜›

    but if it’s gonna be something like that windows update will be the most likely thing.

    but other applications run auto updates to so could be anyone of them…

  6. Our brand new 2Gb dual core laptop ran flawlessly on Sunday πŸ™‚

    BTW, you should be able to have EW embed all the data and image/video files in a schedule (.ews) file so that you can use them without having to have them preloaded on the target computer. OK< I'm anal - I read the manual! Funny pic on the post, BTW.

  7. re reading ur post…. the names dean πŸ™‚

    nicknamed Jarrol at some stage on my mission trip…

    have a good one

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