Kangaroos, Bulldogs and Dockers

I dont get the TAB……
How can they not have the Kangaroos as favourites against Adelaide???
They are playing exceptional football, playing a side that is quite ordinary at the moment.

Interesting that the odds of Freo V Bullies is even money. For sure, if the Bullies had not sold off their home game to the NT, and instead played in Melbourne, they would be favourties. As it is, Freo have an away game at a neutral venue. I watched the Bulldogs last week against the Lions, and although I felt sorry for two of their key players going down with injuries, I was not unhappy that if it had to happen, it happened just before Freo play them!

2 thoughts on “Kangaroos, Bulldogs and Dockers”

  1. Yes I saw that.
    At that moment the Cats are my second favourite team, considering who they are keeping off the top! 🙂

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