Dream, visions part two

Really interesting conversation last night with some friends.
Amazing to hear how when you start talking about some of the more profound and direct ways God speaks to us, how many people have a story to tell.

Coming from a more conservative background, but then through studying, reading and experiencing, coming to a more balanced view, it is encouraging to hear how God speaks to people, today.

So often in the past I have limited Him. I believe that in the Western Church we have allowed our culture to influence our view of God, obviously. But it is interesting to apply that to what we think about how God speaks to us. For too long science and rationalistic thought has become a filter through which we have viewed how God works. God is Spirit, angels and demons are real, and have ongoing battles.

We are an eternal spirit inhabiting a temporary world. I want to experience and ‘feel’ more of God in my life, more of His Word to me today.

One thought on “Dream, visions part two”

  1. I think it was CS Lewis who wrote, “You are not a body inhabited by a soul; you are a soul that inhabits a body.” Important to keep our eternal/spiritual nature in mind.

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