Dark side of the moon

Apparently Chris Tarrant has punched a local politician after an altercation in a local nightclub. Freo supporters at the night club state the incident did not take place.
Interesting that it took so long to come out, makes you wonder what the truth is. Either way, The West will print their dribble tommorow to sell some papers, and one local politician has got his day in the camera…..

People are already comparing it to the Farmer incident. There is little comparison. Farmer had a litany of off field misdemenours. Tarrant does not, at least not at Freo. He deserves a chance, Farmer exhausted his, and paid the price, six weeks.
It seems the media wants to suggest the club should suspend Chris…….mmmmm where were they when Chick, Kerr, Fletcher, Lynch and the like were doing far worse?? All the bias WA media and many of the public suggested, was that they were playing well, and so should be kept playing. It was not until the AFL threatened them with a loss of premiership points that they acted on Cousins.

If found guilty by the club, I have no doubt Chris Tarrant will be sanctioned by Freo, they have proved they will do the right thing in the past, but lets be balanced and not hypocritical about this.

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