No…..I am not talking about Charles.

Chris Tarrant is getting trial by media at the moment. I want to redress the situation somewhat.

Firstly, the ‘politician’ has now admitted a number of things. he was in the bar at 2am…..mmmmm
Secondly he has stated, “I had a red hot go at Tarrant”. This was before the alleged incident.
Thirdly, Tarrant did not ‘king hit’ Hale, as Mike Sheehan has stated, he pushed him from the front. Harvey was king hit from behind, thats cowardice, not what Tarrant did.
Fourthly Maybe Hale was not being gallant at all, but looking for a reason to bait Tarrant
Fifthly this incident is quite different from the Farmer one. Jeff was on his last chance with Freo, this is Chris’s first offence with Freo, although it is widely reported he had issues at the Pies (who let him off because he was crucial to their finals chances!)
Sixthly He did not ‘moon’ a young lady. He was playing a prank on his mate Solomon. He should not have done it in a public bar. He has rang the lady and apologised.

9 thoughts on “Darwingate”

  1. So Tarrant can be at the pub at 2am but the politician can’t! Isn’t that a bit of a double-standard.
    If you complain of Tarrant being trialed by media, then you have to admit that Cousins was to a far greater extent.
    You are very biased when it comes to your reporting so I’d suggest that you both eyes and see that the treatment Tarrant is getting is small compared to Cousins and his Eagles mates.

  2. Bias? 🙂
    of course I am…..No denial here.

    But I don’t think you can compare what Tarrant did to what Cousins did…..

    And the point is, the politician is trying to paint himself as some virtuous citizen, which he is clearly not.

  3. If I’m ever on trial – I’d like you to be my judge! Like it or not, Tarrant’s got a history of poor behaviour in nightclubs, he was first acting inappropriately and then upon being confronted by Hale, whacked him in the face. But you’d have us believe that Tarrant was the man being wronged.

    You’re really just stringing us along, aren’t you Mark? 🙂

  4. I don’t think the media are comparing what Tarrant did to Cousins. Tarrant get’s back page of the West, Cousins six pages in the front, for several weeks.
    And isn’t it a but strong to say he’s not a virtuous citizen without knowing anything about him?

  5. Look, I am bias, I am bias, I am bias…… but….

    “AN AFL investigator has heard allegations from witnesses that the political candidate Chris Tarrant punched in a Darwin nightclub was confrontational, inebriated and challenged the Fremantle forward to a physical fight.”

    what does Kevin Rudd have to say now? Maybe Hale and Joe McDonald both need to be given the old heave ho 🙂

  6. Just clarifying first that I don’t care about AFL issues. I’d simply like to help you out with your grammar… you can say “he has rung the lady…” or “he rang the lady…” but not “he has rung the lady…” such a tense doesn’t exist in the English language. I’m not picking on you alone, I tell Gareth off for non-grammatical posts too!
    Be encouraged by the fact that the Docker’s can’t lose this weekend 😉

  7. Thanks Karyn, I don’t reckon grammar applies on the internet, its sort of a grammar free zone, but then you’ve heard me preach, thats pretty much a grammar free zone tooo 🙂

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