What Pastor Mark does during the week

I posted this over at Ra’ah but thought I might post it here as well. It was an interesting exercise.

Sunday Get to church at 8.30 am, check computer data projector. Speak to various people, including Welcome Leader, make sure things are okay for visitors, including nursery etc.
10am Church time, normally preach, and give vision spot, letting people know whats going on, whats a blessing and a challenge this week.
11.30 Welcome visitors, key time as we often have guests there.
Lunch often have people back, especially guests, new folk

Monday Administration day, at the moment spending a lot of time getting applications in for development loans for our big move as a church to a purpose built coffee shop and Performing Arts Centre

Tuesday Key meeting for prayer and discussion with church leadership, We talk and pray about big picture vision, and also visitors, guests, people we need to pray for and follow up on. Working out what worked on Sunday, getting plans in place for next Sunday
Often have meetings all day, including some with community folk

Wednesday Morning Prep for lecturing gig I have at a leadership college
Arvo Lecture in afternoon
Night Community Choir our church runs, about half of people who come are not church goers, key outreach activity.

Thursday Sermon preparation, reading, praying etc
Night Small group

Friday Morning Toddler Jam Key outreach activity of our church
Afternoon Preparation for multi media elements of church, as well as bulletin, other details
Night Prayer meeting

Saturday Morning Auskick with Clem, great opportunity, starting to make some contacts in community
Afternoon Either miserable as Dockers lose, or gloat as they win, if Dockers win and Eagles lose, its a beautiful weekend. If another Eagles star is in trouble again, thats triple happiness.

2 thoughts on “What Pastor Mark does during the week”

  1. Thanks Mark. It was very helpful.
    I think I might structure Saturday’s differently being a one eyed Eagles fan!

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