Okay then….

A Mars Bar for whoever can work out what is strange about this photo….Its not easy

9 thoughts on “Okay then….”

  1. I thought about that…..but its not what I was looking for, maybe I’ll give you a milky bar for trying 🙂

  2. How Good Is Good Enough? by Stanley Andy.

    Mate, I had to pray and then God aid “Stanley”…so I searched Koorong to get the name and title!

  3. Close enough dave, Andy Stanley, from Northpoint church,

    here is the blog post which has an interesting story about it.


    Check Out What Snoop Dogg Is Reading!
    I guess Andy Stanley ain’t nothin’ but a ‘G’ thang.

    *Follow-up 6/19/07. I thought this picture seemed staged so I did some checking around at Northpoint (and many of you have been wondering the same thing). As the story goes, Snoop was sitting next to a Northpoint attendee who was reading this book. Snoop asked to read it and liked it so much he asked if he could keep it. That’s as far as I know about the legend. But the real question is why is a guy with so much bling riding in coach? It’s like this and like that and like this…

    Now how to get Dave the mars bar? Seeing as how you are a soon to be Church of Christ Minister, I should meet you face to face at the next 2gether conference… and make sure you remind me about the mars bar!!

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