Sumich Nooooooo……

It appears that Connolly will not get an extentsion to his contract if Freo does not make the finals.

I hate to say it, but I don’t think we will make the finals. If we do, anything can happen, and in fact we might win a couple of them.

I hope we do keep Connolly, I do think he is a smart, well humoured and hard working coach, and I reckon he can take us to a premiership.


If Freo do appoint another coach for 2008, it had better not be Sumich. Despite what Eagle supporting commentators like Langdon and Todd state, we do NOT want a ex weagle as our coach. If they try to appoint Sumich, I predict a huge backlash, and I will be a part of it.

4 thoughts on “Sumich Nooooooo……”

  1. I’m not falling for that one Gareth…because I know you will hold me to it, lets just say, at this stage, all things being equal, taking one thing at a time,
    I would be very dissapointed if Sumich was coaching the Dockers next year.

  2. Excellent reply. You managed to use about 50 words and say nothing. Maybe you should be a politician….or a head coach.

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