Oh when the Saints….

This morning on ABC sports radio Glen Mitchell was criticising Geoff Hutchinson for his obvious delight in the Weages loss to the Saints. Glen was saying Geoff should support the WA sides….
Geoff’s response was good.
Footy is not about supporting a state side, its about tribalism.
On Glenns logic, all Eagles supporters should boo Judd. He does not come from WA.
And, they should have been cheering Buddy Franklin when Hawthorn beat the Eagles. Buddy comes from WA.

Footy is not about state rivalvries, its about tribalism. This tribalism is not meant to be taken too seriously, its a fun distraction from whatever else we have going on in our lives, which is a lot more important.
Ask a Carlton supporter if they would cheer Collingwood on in the GF, I dont think so.
West Coast have some issues. Here is a stat for you. They have lost 4 of their past six games. Next week they play the Crows in Adelaide. They will probably have lost 5 of their past seven next weekend, and will very likely slip out of the top four.

Here’s hoping they lose the next 11, and slip out of the top eight.

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  1. this is something i have tried many times to explain to weagles supporters who support freo second as they want to support the ‘wa’ teams. the only west aussie teams are the state teams. freo and west coast are football clubs and have players from around the country and as such don’t have any sort of inherent right to expect support from west aussies.

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