Getting excited as I look at my diary and realise I am off to Sydney next week.
Every Christian needs time to place themselves in situations where God can speak to them. Maybe Christian leaders who give out, need it more.
Either way my annual pilgrimage has always been a blessing. Hearing such good international speakers for a very inexpensive fee is a great investment for me. There is nothing like hearing speakers live. Watching them on dvd is okay, but you dont get the same sense, there is something intangible, dare I say spiritual that occurs.

Side note: cant wait to see the Mighty Dockers play Sydney at SCG, in a must win game, and also grab some pizza from my and Q’s favourite pizza store. Aaah yes, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and some of the best coffee I have had from the Italian cafe just down the road from Krispy’s…..
Its not all about food, but I figure you might as well enjoy what you eat!

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