Hillsong 2007 Friday

TD Jakes preaches up a storm

The last day, its a little sad really. Hillsong is my annual pilgrimage, a pastors retreat where he gets to rock up and be ministered to. To not have to worry about the sound, whether the data projector is manned, if the coffee is hot, but more importantly, what God wants to say to the people today. Its a time for me to be ministered to.
If I was going to sum up the theme which came through almost every speaker it would be this, “have faith that God will do great things through you, even if the circumstances suggest otherwise”.

Franklin Jentzen, Joseph Prince and Donna Crouch were the highlights for me. TD Jakes was awesome as well, but those three had a word for me…..and I thank God for this time.
Travelling and staying with a mate, talking about it all, thats good as well.

I know God will bless our church, and more importantly, we will see Him move in the hearts and lives of our community……I cant wait to see what He has in store for us….

Off tomorrow to Paddy’s markets, and some other shops to pick up some things for the kids. Got my wife’s present already.
Then on Sunday we plan to go to Hillsong City on Sunday morning, and the SCG Sunday afternoon for Freo V Sydney.

Friday 1st Session Bishop TD Jakes
We project our perceived self, Live it to the fullest
Abraham was going to go & lead the people to a place God would show him

Genesis 12 1 And Jehovah said to Abram, Go out of your country, and from your kindred, and from your father’s house into a land that I will show you.
Genesis 22 4 Then on the third day, Abraham lifted up his eyes and saw the place afar off.

There are places, moments, things that we are called to do
There showed be a fire that burns within us
God does not give us details, & that is frustrating
Where are you going? God knows all the details, but he knows there is something that happens in the heart of a leader when he has to humbly wait upon God, and yet walk by faith, not sight. This will only come through revelation, and so we have to humbly wait upon God.
Every time you are just about there, you will lose someone
You cannot take everyone with you. God is calling you to move, and leave the ”chickens” behind, the critics….
Abraham & Isaac…..Abraham had to listen to the new, fresh word of God
“I am sick to death of leaders who don’t want to be controversial”
11 Disciples said nothing …. That’s discouraging
Good leaders will train, transition themselves out of a job. Good leaders will look for a new thing

3rd Session Franklin Jentzen Habbakuk
1 He has a problem -burden
He was burdened for the people, the non-intervening of God….tough to know why

2 Gets a vision
Everything changes when you get a vision The vision is for an appointed time, and though it tarries, wait for it
We are a microwave generation, but we serve a crockpot God

3. Praises God
The prophet praises God based on ignorance ! Faith in God is better than an answer. If you curse your situation you will die. If you feed negative thoughts they will grow
People listen when you have faith

Starts to praise

You don’t get faith without a problem
The manna stayed fresh in the ark of the covenant
In the presence of God, we stay fresh
When you cannot hear God, read Him, until you CAN hear Him
Jer 8 “unblushables”

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