Hillsong Conference addendum.

There is generally some direction that comes out of the conference, a feel or emphasis.
This year was two fold for me.
1. Life is tough and hard, and we need to struggle through some issues. Yet God gives us hope and with faith, we can believe better days are ahead

2. The church is to be the vehicle of justice and mercy in the world. In fact true worship involves giving of ourselves to the poor and marginalised. Louie Giglio spoke a powerful message on what truly pleases God, and that is being His hands and feet to those less fortunate.
Compassion was emphasised and it was encouraging to hear that 1900 kids were taken up as sponsor children over the week. What really matters about compassion and justice is actually doing something, and not just talking about it and slagging off other churches.

2 thoughts on “”

  1. point 1: amen.
    point 2: amen.

    sounds like you had a great time, and if those are the thoughts you come home with, well, the conference just rose a few pegs on my list of things to do i guess.
    thanks for sharing your thoughts mark.

  2. It’s interesting to see God using two different conferences to say the same thing. I’m getting more and more convinced that each one of us has a personal role to play in bringing justice to this world.

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