Who would have thought this group of bearded ragtags

Could develop and build one of the richest corporations in the world?
Well they did.

Maybe your small group of leaders could do something even greater than making money, maybe we could change our world….

6 thoughts on “Who would have thought this group of bearded ragtags”

  1. Ahhh and out of all of them.. the baby faced young pup in the blue shirt on the left of the front row is now pretty well the richest man alive!!!!

  2. They changed it….but so have a lot of people…..
    The point, and I think you know this Glen, is that primarily that served themselves….whereas we are called to see others lives transformed…

  3. I wasn’t having a go, I was just stating that they changed our world hugely! Maybe I wouldn’t be here right now typing this if it wasn’t for them and while I understand they have made stacks out of it for themselves, they have enabled lives to be changed (for good and bad, for God’s purposes . . and not). Rob Bell on one of his latest Mp3’s also made the statement that where Bill Gates has given millions to countries and people groups in need, the church (Global) has not. Just because they may not call Jesus their savior doesn’t mean God’s not going to use them in ways even greater than the church.

  4. good…..thanks for the clarification..
    I reckon God gets glory from a stack of things people do that are not Christians…..

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