Worst Season Ever

After yesterdays heartbreaking loss to the Roos’s, this is Freo’s worst season ever.
Dont talk to me about 2001/2002. No on excpected us to do well.

At one point during the Pre Season we were Premiership Favourites. For much of the pre season, we were second in line. Bookies bank their houses on such decisions, they rarely get it wrong.

After missing the GF by one quarter last year, and with the recruitment of two gun players, we expected a lot better than this.
Unless we win every game except one, we will miss the finals. The dream is almost over.

5 thoughts on “Worst Season Ever”

  1. Yes…but they would have been doing us a big favour if they could have beaten them and Sydney this weeks as well….

    There is no cheering me up…I cant even take solace in a West Toast flogging

  2. yep, it’s been a sad season and i was disappointed to see us lose in my first game back at subi oval in over 3 years. still, at least claremont are doing well

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