Jeff Farmer

Brilliant player, not so good at off field behaviour.

But what he has done is nothing, is not even comparable to what Didak and Kerr have done….I don’t see the media calling for them to be sacked……


I feel there is something else going on around here.

8 thoughts on “Jeff Farmer”

  1. But also Freo have been a lot firmer with him. Comments about his last chance last time have made it easier for the media to ask for his sacking.

    But I’m sure you’ll get to the bottom of who’s behind the conspiracy theory in the West Australian media.

  2. Jeff Farmer has been charged with a criminal offence. Charged. He’s coming back from a suspension after having been told that he’s on his last chance. He’s a genuinely stupid person.

  3. Nothing?

    He was drunk and out of control in a public place while on his final warning. He threatened to bash the cab driver who took him home. Tried to give a false identity to implicate a player from another club. Skipped without paying the fare.

    What more do you want?

    He is an incredibly talented player and I sincerely hope that the club or someone else is able to help him work through the issues that constantly plague him. It would be a great loss to see him finish his career.

    As for the media calling for his head; all they are doing is asking whether Freo will carry through on their promise that last time was his final warning.

  4. Jeff Farmer has made some foolish decisions….
    But last I heard, Kerr was charged with far more serious offences, and is still awaiting trial for another charge (?)

    Yes, I have my purple coloured glasses on, yes the club have been firmer, yes, its a pity Farmer has not followed Johnsons example…..

    But, I still think there is an incongruity here….

  5. The reality is that until there is a strong AFL code of conduct then individual clubs make the decisions they see fit.
    Last year when Tarrant and Johnson got into trouble Malthouse admitted that he treats different players differently.

  6. And what Collingwood did not do over Didak, dissgraceful….
    what West Coast did in having a standing ovation for BC….well…..

    Farmer has a press conference at 12 noon today…

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