The Dream is alive….briefly at least

Thats the best Freo have played all year.
Confident, aggresive, intense…..

Harvey looks to have made some differences already, including some interesting coaching moves.
Putting Hayden up against Johncock, whether he was forward or back, was the right choice. And putting McManus on McLeod was great, especially since Shaun played so well.

With other results helping, I was actually sort of happy WC won, for our sake, not theirs….We have a chance to give this thing a chance.

And speaking unbiasedly for a moment, if there is any team that could shake up the finals from position 8, it would be Fremantle. I mean that. On our day we can beat anyone anywhere….

I got seven in the tipping this week, (stupid St Kilda…..)

4 thoughts on “The Dream is alive….briefly at least”

  1. What a shame you don’t like the orangey browny of Brisbane!

    And how on earth can you say you like ‘teal’ ???

  2. In fact I have just had a look at “The Journeys” tipsters, and most of them messed up the Dockers v Crows game, and the Saints V Hawks game…..

    which makes me think, sometimes its best to go with your heart, rather than your brain!

  3. Are you implying that my colour theory is from the heart, Mark? I don’t think you appreciate the brain power it takes. I recently tried to explain it to Gareth, correlating it to the theory of relativity or the laws of gravity… I’m not confident that I put forth a convincing argument.

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