Jeff will play

In great news for all fair minded people, Jeff Farmer is free to play this weekend against the suprisingly succesful Cats this Saturday.

Jeff was open, honest and accountable in his admission of alcohol abuse this week after his ‘brain fade’ at the Casino. Such action cannot be supported and the FFC have handed out the biggest fine EVER to Jeff, demanding a $10000 fine and a ‘donation’ of $20,000 to Cerebal Palsy.

I think the best thing for Jeff’s treatment and recovery is to play. Its the first part of recovery to admit exactly what you have done wrong, Jeff has done this.

Good luck Cats….your going to need it….

(HT Photo Dockerland)

2 thoughts on “Jeff will play”

  1. I wonder if Ablett will kick another 6….? i hope its a good game as i am heading up for it with a few friends. Go Catters! :-p

  2. Not if Shaun Mc Manus plays on him, and plays like he did on Mc Leod last week….

    But…if Freo don’t make finals, I will be cheering for Cats….they deserve it after their drought and the pain of GF’s against the Weages.

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