Affluent Pastors and then there’s Rick

Thank God for people like Rick Warren, who continually seems to lead the way for Pastors.

“Affluent pastors use wealth differently: Some give back; others buy yachts”

“The Warrens have vowed never to change their lifestyle. They have lived in the same house for 16 years. Warren drives the same Ford truck he had before the book came out. And he owns the same two suits.
Warren told Beliefnet he’s aware of the stigma that pastors are in it for the money, but he said every pastor he knows would serve for free if possible.
“There are so many easier ways to make money,” Warren said in the interview. “Believe me, if you want to make money, don’t be a pastor.”


By the way, I have never seen Rick in a suit…so maybe thats why he has never felt the need to buy a new one!!

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