Praying for a miracle

If a miracle happens and we slip into 8th……
and the Weagles continue to win lose win lose etc….
guess where they finish?? and guess what that means……

they finish 5th, and we meet them in a knockout final…at Subiaco….

I know your not meant to pray for your football team….because I don’t reckon its on God’s list of priorities…..

But I’m praying

And by the way….Sportbet have us at $3.25 to make the finals….I reckon thats exceptional odds. What I mean is that I would have thought it would have been a lot more than that.
And we were $4.20 to beat West Toast on Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Praying for a miracle”

  1. Hey Mark, have you got many West Coast supporters at your church?

    I wore my Eagles scarf to church last week, so I am not looking forward to the fall out this weekend!

  2. I have quite a few, along with a suprising contingent of Geelong supporters…
    they have all been pretty quiet, absent or defensive the last few days!! :

  3. The west coast supporters have been quiet…not the Geelong ones…they have been not suprisingly quite vocal 🙂

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