Bishop ding dong Spong

How can someone be a bishop when they dont believe in the gospel?

I believe in tolerance and grace…but I do not believe in letting heretics be leaders in the church.

“Spong does not consider the Bible the primary source of divine revelation, or believe it inspired. It is a human book containing some profound wisdom and culture-bound limitations. “

“But Spong rejects the doctrine of atonement. “The Christ figure makes great sense to me. What doesn’t make sense is that God needed to kill Jesus to overcome Barney’s sins,” he says, pointing at the interviewer. “

Look, people have freedom to believe what they want….but dont call yourself a Christian, then deny basic Christian beliefs…and dont try to pretend you are a bishop and speak for Christians….you dont…you are a heretic and should be thrown out of the church.

PS…One of Spongs main beefs is that the church is dying, and therefore needs to be relevant…mmmm… “Negative: During his tenure as Bishop of Newark, confirmed communicants in the diocese virtually halved, from 44,423 in 1978, to 23,073 in 1996” mmmmmm….

H/t Phil Baker for link

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