Stomach woes

those of you who know me know I spent 3 days at RPH earlier in the year with undiagnosed stomach/digestive problems. Quite serious…but no one really knew what to do, I had swarms of doctors and surgeons looking over me, prodding me, even in places where men should not prod other men 🙁

Last night the same basic symptons came back, and I missed worship practice….
Feeling better today…and hoping it was just a mild bout….But its not easy to focus on my message preparation, especially with a good mate going through a terribly dissapointing day.

2 thoughts on “Stomach woes”

  1. So what are the basic symptoms?

    I have duodenitis and if I don’t take a little tablet every day I can wake up at 1 or 2 a.m. in excruciating stomach pain. It lasts for 3 or so hours before settling down a little and then completely goes away after several more hours.

    I hope they can sort you out soon.

  2. RPH… hmmm, not that I’ve worked there but after being misdiagnosed with Diabetes at the age of 20 and finding out 6 wks later the blood test was clear…well let’s just say I’m a little weary of RPH. If you’ve got a good GP, ask for a referal to a gastroenteroligist, I can dig up some names if you like. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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