Anyone but them

After Freo gets flogged by Port……..
Its go Geelong, and after that….anyone but the high flying….in more ways than one…..weages. I’ll even barrack for the Pies or Port over that bunch of big sunglass wearing, smug, oily dorks. And if one more person tells me to support the WA side, I will not be responsible for my actions.

4 thoughts on “Anyone but them”

  1. Hi Mark, I reckon your comments about the Eagles are ok. It just shows you are very passionate about following your team and you don’t like the other team (my team!).

    BTW, my 7 year old daughter has decided to follow the Dockers. I am sure you will be pelased with that!

  2. follow the wa side.. hmmmfff. you won’t be hearing that from a freo supporter but maybe that’s cos we’re a bit more knowledgeable about the game and don’t barrack for a club as a fashionable after-thought. btw.. which state is the weagles’ captain from again?? it’s a national competition and choosing to barrack for anyone against the underworld’s representatives in AFL doesn’t make me any less passionate a west australian.

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