Bring me back a t-shirt from Bali

The Freo boys that is……
Probably the most dissapointing season ever….more than any other because there was real exectation we would do well….
With all the hype pre-season this should have been our best year. Everything was set for our club to continue on and do better than 2006. With star recruits and other players maturing, everything was in place, but it was not to be. Injuries, misdemenours, and unrest in the ranks, derailed our season.

But….there is a lot to look forward to in 2008. A new coach, who appears to have the players respect, and will impose his will on them. The best centre half forward in the AFL
The best crumbing forward.
One of the most creative and attacking defenses
Exciting ruckman.
Roll on 2008, it will be our best year ever.
focused captain, hopefully Bell plays on…..

And some other things to look forward too,
St Kilda continuing their slide down the ladder……..into obscurity……
West Coast players disgracing themselves….
Richmond moving up to their default position in 9th

7 thoughts on “Bring me back a t-shirt from Bali”

  1. Jonathon Brown called and he wants to know why he’s playing for Fremantle now?

    I’m not sure we can make ninth next year.h

  2. The good thing about sliding down is that we’ve been up. Which is the main difference between the Saints and the Dockers!

  3. Pavlich is better than Brown….no doubt.

    Up? when? Before the AFL came into being?

    Last year we made the prelim, what did the Saints do??? nothing….

  4. I can see why you need West Coast to disgrace themselves. The Dockers are stealing all the lime light with their Alcohol Abuse these days. Of course that is o.k. though as we all know that there is nothing wrong with Alcohol abuse…. just taking Drugs – right Mark ? Sometimes our “Purple Coloured Glasses” cloud our ability to remember our values !! IS this the response you are looking for with this entry ?

  5. alcohol abuse? you idiot….
    they were disciplined for drinking mid week…..not abuse of alcohol….and team discipline is something our fine feathered friends up the road could do with…

  6. One preliminary final does not make a champion team. We played in them two years prior and a finals appearance last year. This year 9th, which if my maths is correct is better than the dockers.

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