Sunday night thoughts…..

Man….I really enjoyed church this morning…..Its always good when there is lots of laughter in church…..and have a look at this video below for one of the reasons…There was also a packed church…which is good. Dads got given a mint pattie, but also our KFC teacher arranged for the 5-9 year olds to give dad a small mars bar….gee he is doing a good job…..and the Sunbeams did something great as well……The music was really good, and Q did a great job of leading…..
There was a really good ‘spirit’ in the place….and I think God inhabited the praises of His people.

Sunday afternoon we cleaned our house, which looked like a bomb had hit it.
Then I slow cooked some roast lamb on the bbq. We packed it full of garlic, rosemary and olive oil. I coooked it so it came out crispy and tasty on the outside, and just a slight juicy bit of pink on inside…I love BBQ lamb. I also had some James Boag Wheat Ale….superb, and finished off with lattes all round in the new latte glasses I got for fathers day.

Being a dad is such a privilege and responsibility….I am so blessed.

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