What do Stenglein, Embley and Braun all have in common?

They all averaged less disposals per game than Paul Hasleby in 2007.
Does the editor of the West Australian Sports department hang around pubs looking for Eagle scarf wearing drunks and ask them to write articles for his paper?

Seriously, why would the Dockers want to trade their leading player in the clearances, getting the hard ball out, going forward and kicking needed goals? There was a number of games that Paul dominated, including one in which he had 37 disposals, most of them quality.

He does, however, need to stay clear of the Seaview mid-week.

7 thoughts on “What do Stenglein, Embley and Braun all have in common?”

  1. Paul Haselby was up and down, his back is stuffed and if he reckons he’s worth $450 thousand a year for three years he’s dreaming! Yes, he’s a good player and worth keeping, but if he plays hard ball he just might find himself in for a bit of a shock.

  2. none are overweight?



    Possibly still struggling with OP?

    But seriosuly; who reads the West in Perth?

    Every page has an advert.

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