I was wrooong

Recently I posted about how Demetriou was evading responsibility over the whole Channel Seven drug scandal….I stand by the basic sentiment that Demetriou appears to deflect responsibility off himself….

But….I was wrong about this particular incident.

After watching Peter Meekin (Director of News and Current Affairs, Seven Network) try to defend the indefesible on Media Watch last night, its pretty obvious that Channel Seven were grossly irresponsible in running the story and were the primary instigator of it all and need to take responsibility for it. Revealing stolen medical documents was pretty dishonourable, and
something that they appear to have done all by themselves.


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  1. I saw this too.

    But on another matter, why is it so hard for people to admit that they are wrong? Especially Pastors,

    I don’t mind admitting that I have been wrong. I was rong on the issue of infant baptism. I used to think it was a crock and that believeers vbaptism was the only way to go. Now after studying the scriptures I now conclude that infant baptsim is perfectly valid.

    Why can’t Pastors admit when they are wrong – like lay people do? For example, the argument that Tithing is binding upon the Christian (as taught by Allan Meyer, Paul de Jong and Brian Houston) as been blown out of the water. This is becaus it is based upon an inadequate hermeneutic and is manipulative.


    What do you think Mark?

    Why won’t Pastors admit when they are wrong? After all they are held accountable for their teaching.


  2. I gotta say I look forward to your response on this one – it is almost like the CEO can never admit they might have got it a bit wrong cause it cause a crisis in consumer confidence. Is it just a leadership thing because leaders are not supposed to get it wrong?

    Have you either changed your views on an aspect of theology and made that clearly public, or screwed up in some other way and publicly apologised?



  3. So….maybe your wrong about tithing and Brian H……you at least have to allow for the possibility….and maybe your wrong about infant baptism. None of us have a full understanding of theology….and the most important thing is love….not being theologically right.

    Everyone of us have to be responsible to God for our actions.

    I think the vast majority of pastors have no problem admitting they are wrong…or being accountable to people they trust, and have a proper relationship with. I don’t blame pastors for not making themselves accountable to ‘internet warriors’.

  4. Mark, to say “Everyone of us have to be responsible for our own actions” is respectfully, a very weak and inadequate response.

    Additionally, accountability of Pastors and Churches should not be limited to a “trusted few” in an obscure ‘purple circle’.

    A Pastor and a Church should be ‘Above Reproach’ and be accountable for both finances and their teaching and always willing to give a defense to all interested parties (including Church members, skeptics, the media and tax-payers) (especially considering the tax-breaks and number of fraudsters such as Marjoe Gortner and Benny Hinn) preying on the beliefs of the gullible.

    Is manipulative and misleading teaching such as Tithing or Prosperity Theology which causes grief and hardship to many people just something a Christian should ignore? Did Jesus and John the Baptist just ‘roll-over’ from those who misled believers for financial gain.

    Hillsong and Riverview are Businesses, not Churches:

    So Mark where do You stand on the Tithing issue …?

    As an Internet warrior, I am prepared to meet you off-line face-to-face to talk through these things over a coffee:


    And you know as a Pastor that Tithing is not orthodox teaching and is not binding on the Christian. So why do you endorse teaching it to your congregation?


  5. I dont think its gutless at all, thank God I am not accountable to you…but to God….and to those God has put in my life who know me, love me and correct me…and you are not one of those people.

    On the coffee….No thanks…too busy trying to win people to Christ to go into all this…why not spend your time and effort doing the same?

    I’ll let God take care of those pastors, He is a much better judge than you or I….

    thus ended the conversation on my blog….and this post was never about this…but I have let you have your say….comments closed

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