Chasers war on Apec…what a joke!

This incredibly funny, cring inducing, water cooler conversation generating show is now in trouble for getting within a bombs throw of George W Bush at the Apec Summit….
Apparently they got past $170 million dollars worth of security….
The only people that should be getting arrested is whoever was in charge of security….its funny, but it no joke!
Here are the two passes the Chaser boys used…easy to see how they could be mistaken for the real thing….NOT!!!


A source inside the show has told The Daily Telegraph the team never expected to get so far. The skit had been approved by ABC lawyers but was written in the assumption they would be stopped at the first checkpoint. Instead they were waved through the first on Macquarie St, then a second, which had sniffer dogs, and eventually stopped themselves at Bridge St. “As they did Chas got out of a car dressed as Osama bin Laden and said something like ‘I’m an important world leader why don’t I have a seat at the APEC table?’. Apparently that was the first time the police realised it was not authentic and they swooped in and arrested everybody,” the source said. The ABC statement said the Chaser team members were wearing mock “insecurity” passes, which expressly stated they were a joke.
But the head of the APEC investigation squad, NSW Police Force Detective Superintendent Ken McKay was not amused.

4 thoughts on “Chasers war on Apec…what a joke!”

  1. This is classic.

    What would happen if someone tried to do a similar prank at a Hillsong (or similar) conference? Would we find it as funny?

  2. The Chasers did do a spoof on Hillsong which was quite amusing….you can watch it online….what I like about them is that that they go for everyone, no one is spared their barbs.

  3. i can’t wait for the chaser tonight. i reckon these guys are the heirs apparent to the ‘working dog’ crew who make one brilliant show/movie after another

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