Amazing isn’t it….none of the Vic clubs did any more than be polite to Sumich as they showed him the door…….

All the experts on 6pr and the hundreds of indignant Weagle fans couldn’t be wrong….could they???

Surely Freo should have seen what all the rest of the footy world couldn’t???? Mmmmmmm

2 thoughts on “Sumich”

  1. i actually believe suma has a bit to offer as a coach.. i’d just prefer it not to be at freo. of course, i recognise the hypocrisy of this given that don pyke has some sort of official role at the club and that we also had ross glendinning on board for a while.

  2. Well to Ross Glendinning affair ended in recriminations on both sides….
    Sumich may end up as Essendon coach by default…but I doubt it.

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