I need to have a shower….

I cheered on Collingwood tonight…..thats once for the season…..
no more…thank goodness..

Go Geelong…..

Intense game…very intense. You could tell that WC were running out of legs by the end of the 4th quarter, and Collingwood’s running and pressure was going to get them over the line.
Amd Worsfolds decision to take Glass and Cox off the ground was quite puzzling..why didn’t he go for the jugular when he had the chance? In my view, they could have built a match winning lead…but instead, when those two were off, Rocca kicked two quick goals, and the Pies were back in it!
Great game by both sides though, have to admit W Toast were brave, this week and last…but out in straight sets for the finals. Not often a top four side do that! Straight to Bali for the boys….End of an era…..cant say I am sorry, because I am not…..Now to see whether Judd will re-sign, whether Cousins will resign, and whether the biggest liar….Chick, will get a late reprieve.

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  1. I came across your blog searching under Delirious?. U2, Delirious and Surprised by the Power of the Spirit ? Very cool. God bless.

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