Judd V Pavlich

Judd has announced he is returning back to Victoria….cant blame him really, considering the culture at West Coast. Chris seems to me to be a decent, really decent, hard working bloke. Why would he want to stay at West Coast???

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  1. oh and i know sheedy wanted him a few years back… with hird gone that’s clearing up a bit of the salary cap… would be nice to see judd in the red and black…

  2. hearing the knitting needle grandmas whinge on the radio this morning….
    West Coast not able to hang onto a player they wanted….

  3. Last years premiers, not this years, thats for sure…they have just dropped out of the finals in straight sets….and his teamates are a bunch of ….well you can read all about it…:)

  4. is that you scott?? 🙂

    as I said….last years premiers…and they wont be this years after dropping out of the finals in straight sets…something that has not been done by the team that won the previous years grand final for a long time….
    and last years premiers captain doesnot want to play for his team anymore….apparently 🙂

  5. Your memory of finals history needs some improvement.

    Port Adelaide won the premiership in 2004 finished 8th in 2005 and were eliminated in the first round of the finals by the Kangaroos.

    In relation to captains Leigh Colbert was appointed captain of Geelong in 1999 and quit while captain to play for the Kangaroos. So Judd’s move does not set any precedent.

  6. yeah, we all know about colbert but his move came in very different circumstances. he wasn’t a premiership captain and his stated reason for moving (from memory)was that he wanted a shot at a flag. he also moved between clubs within the same state so desiring to be near family and friends wasn’t a factor. it was the equivalent of judd moving to freo (sigh… if only).

    yep.. it’s true that freo are yet to win a flag and the weagles have won one recently. naturally i’d prefer that situation to be the other way round but it’s not. as they say, what does it profit a man to gain a flag but lose his soul? i’ll stick with freo and keep my soul thanks very much

    btw.. adding a name to your comments always adds a whole lot more credibility than staying anonymous ever can

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