Judd’s real reasons

From the pen of Jason Chatterfield Cartoon

6 thoughts on “Judd’s real reasons”

  1. For once Mark, I think I’ve got a theory that you’ll appreciate. I think Judd is moving back to Melbourne in hope of tasting premiership success once again. I think he can see the capital letters on the wall for the current group at Weagleland and he figures that he’s probably got a big chance to be a premiership captain back in the land of the Big V.

    I’m sure that family and friends can’t hurt, but I’d be amazed if any team can afford to give him significantly more money under salary cap (and still be successful)

  2. the proof will be in which club he goes to. The ones with the money aren’t in line for premiership success. If he goes to Carlton, you know its about the cash. If he goes to Geelong… :-p

  3. What about Freo??? come on 🙂 He would look good in purple 🙂

    I actually think he left because he could not handle any more of the off field dramas….

  4. maybe i’m naive but i take juddy’s stated reasons for leaving on face value. he seems to me to be a pretty honourable bloke and i believe him.

    having said that, i reckon the multitude of ‘distractions’ off-field wouldn’t have impressed him at all and would have made the final decision a little bit easier.

  5. I agree with you…but the cartoon is funny..and wont Seaby be spewing since he signed on for less, because they had to fit Juddy under the cap….

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