Pav V Judd Part Two

Scene : All Australian Night
Clinton Grybas: in light of whats happened in the last 24hrs, Carlton offered you $4m for 4yrs, how close were you to leaving?

Pav: Not close at all, I’m the captain of this footy club and whilst we’ve had a tumultous year, we’ve still got a lot to achieve in the future and the boys 100% behind Harvs!!!


7 thoughts on “Pav V Judd Part Two”

  1. Neither has there been any proof that Pav had a problem with Connolly, dont believe anything GG says…both Pav and Chris publicly stated their support for each other.

    Therefore with Pav and Connolly you are making unfounded speculation…which I what I did with Judd and Woosha….I dont think Judd had a problem with Woosha…But I am making an unfounded speculation that he had a problem with the teams behaviour off the field 🙂

  2. speculation aside, the facts are: pav has signed on with freo and is still our skipper; judd has left and the e-girls are without a captain.

  3. Man, hard to believe that Clinton Grybas is dead! I watched him on sundays on Fox Sports, commentating on the Sunday Twilight match. All my mates were pretty shocked to learn of his demise… and it’s shocking that someone can just suddenly die like that. He will be missed.

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