Anthony Jones and his dad

Sometimes the more interesting part of the story are the little details.
Anothony Jones won this years Sandover medal, well deserved too. One of the well presented guys in football, he always gave what he could to Fremantle, but injuries and the Drum factor may have robbed us of his best. Those of you who follow the WAFL will know that Anthony has played some blinding last quarters, which have often made the difference between Claremont winning or not.
I loved this story about his dad, Mark Jones. When accepting his medal Anthony talked about his dads support.
He shared the story about how his dad is a ‘tight arse’ and knows hardly anything about sport. So Mark Jones comes to the game after the 3rd quarter because the WAFL lets people in for free during the last quarter. Anthony’s dad lets out a big coooeee to let his son know he is watching. Is there any correlation between Anthony’s great last quarters and the fact his dad turns up in the last quarter, and lets his son know he is there? Yes, I would suggest there is. Next year the WAFL is going to give him a season pass, so maybe Anthony can put in a four quarter effort!

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