Phil Cooke Quaffable Quote

“When missionaries approach a cannibal tribe, they don’t protest outside the village, call them names, put an ad in the paper, or complain that they eat people. Missionaries develop a relationship with the tribe, earn their trust, and become part of the community. Once they do that, the tribe is far more open to listening to their message.”

4 thoughts on “Phil Cooke Quaffable Quote”

  1. Ah yes, but if you do that then they might eat you!

    Which explains of course why he made the statement.

    Thankfully we are moving beyond adversarial evangelism

  2. Phil was talking in the context of right wing christians who are pushing their Christian agenda in the media….but by itself I liked this quote

  3. interesting how context actually changes the vibe of the comment a bit

    it is still valid either way, but i can see how it would apply so much more in that context

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