We have the best coffee of any church in Perth

Or at least, I reckon we would go pretty close.

I have never had a lot of faith in automatic coffee machines…but this one is a beauty. It cleans itself, makes a beautiful ‘crema’ and does not burn the beans.

Picked it up fairly inexpensively, and we use Five Senses Beans.
If you are looking for a church, and can’t stand Nescafe in stryrofoam cups, “because if its good enough for the church in the 50’s, its good enough for us”….
then check this out!!

4 thoughts on “We have the best coffee of any church in Perth”

  1. gross. Do I look like a skinny person to you? Gotta be the full fat COKE and U know thats all I drink. Who did you think this is ?

  2. I know who it is…and your right…you dont need the diet version….but thats all that is there….maybe I’ll bring you a full sugar version when we go away!! 🙂

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