Power turned off

How many headlines can you make up after that game?
Power shock, power fade, power cut…
as good as Geelong was, was as dissapointing as Port were.

I suppose Port were not expected to do anything this year, and they finished up making the GF…so we should not be too harsh….but they were disapointing.

Geelong on the other hand were incredibly skillful, watching Ablett, Bartel, Scarlet, Chapman and Johnston weave through traffic, kick and handball accurately under pressure to their team mates…a joy to watch.

And on a side point, what utter class they showed in receiving their medals. Looked the kids in the eye, gave them a second of invaluable time, shook their hands, gave them a cap……obviously after the disgraceful display exhibited last year, Geelong made sure they did the right thing.

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