Sunday Mind dump

Great service this morning…had a big crowd in, heaps of visitors….

David and Shirley Deane shared of their work in China. They teach English, and have some incredible stories to tell of their missionary endevours….amazing and encouraging stories…David and Shirley are really giving themselves to these people, they have them over, they share lives with them, and have seem fruit for their endevours…

This afternoon our church had a picnic down by the river, what a beautiful day.

Then this arvo went out with the BIL as we get some much needed bloke time in as our wives prepare to head overseas for a few days….
We played some pool, and then went and say “The Kingdom“……what an incredible, riveting, challenging, thought provoking action packed political movie. If you can handle the graphic and realistic violence….I consider this a must see movie.
Jamie Fox is a incredible actor, and backed up by an impressive cast. But the kudos must go to the scriptwriter who has written one of the most intelligent movies I have seen…Go see it….

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